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Module 1 : How Million Views Channels Are Created
Module 2: How Million Views Videos Are Made
Module 3 : 10 Times More Money Than Other Channels For The Same Views
Module 4: Reduce Work By Over 90%

Lesson 1 (Now accessible for free !)

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All the lessons of this program include direct one click links to what was mentioned in the lesson. 

Faceless List Channels:

  1. Top 5’s
  2. Bright Side
  3. Mind Warehouse
  4. My Story Animated

Personal Youtuber Channels:

  1. Kinobody
  2. HoomanTV

Mixed Channel:

  1. Improvement Pill

Step 1 of 30 in Your Journey of

Multiple Cash Flow Channels


All lessons in this program include a quest and tell you exactly where to start and what to do step by step. Check the boxes below as you fulfill your quests, and the progress will be saved automatically.

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  • Write a note (using the note functionality button visible right above the video for logged in users) on your willingness to be on camera and become in real life famous and recognized absolutely wherever you go (involves many downsides), or if you prefer to just get the money and stay anonymous. 
  • Note the level of personal involvement and time you want to put in content creation by answering these questions : (Do you want to become famous or stay anonymous? Do you want to spend time on the channels or just get weekly payments and pay others to do the job without involvement? )
  • finish the next step without getting caught in the time wasting tunnel of Youtube watching without it making you money.
  • Click on the example channels provided above to check how many views they made(remember that people who speak in the first list aren’t channel owners but just peoploe paid for it).
  • Determine which channel type aligns best with your interests and goals. (Faceless List Channel, Personal Youtuber Channel or Mixed Channel) and write your final choice.
  • Use the tools and teachings of the next lesson to determine how much money these channels have generated(Remember that you can only know how much they made from views. You can on average 3x to 5x that amount to estimate their total earnings through each video)
  • Ponder if these first lessons are accessible for free, how valuable is the 99.99% that remains?
  • Understand that you do not have to retain any of this information as it is layed down later in the program
  • Now Head over to the next lesson to get your mega lesson for FREE, to 10x earnings before a channel is even created.
  • (Whatever you do, it is absolutely 100% critical to reach the Ultimate Strategy at the end of this module at all costs for all the information you learned to make sense with 0 need to retain the lessons.)

*First lesson hint: 

All lessons in this program come with a table that summarizes them in one glimpse

Channel Type





Outsourceable Channels

Channels not focused on a specific personality and can be completely outsourced.

Top 5’s, Bright Side, Mind Warehouse, My Story Animated

Scalable via outsourcing, no need to be on camera

Harder to monetize beyond ad revenue, lower trust, lower conversion rate for product sales

Personal Brand Channels

Channels built around the personality of the owner.

Kinobody, HoomanTV

Higher trust from viewers, easier to sell products/services

Less scalable, active involvement required, risk of reputation damage

Mixed Channels

A blend of both personal and outsourced elements.

Improvement Pill

Some scalability via outsourcing, creator involvement can increase trust

Requires some level of creator involvement


The Content Of The Lessons is Not Meant To Be Memorized,

The Whole Process Is Streamlined In The Ultimate Strategy Later In The Program.


Later in the program, you will be offered a 300+ successful multi million views, faceless channel spy list, with one click spy links. 

So you can inspect and track their content, views, success, revenue, how they create content, exactly how they make money, their content sources etc…

*First lesson Guidelines : 

1. Watch the lesson to the end
2.A Questionnaire will appear below
3.Complete the Questionnaire to access the next lesson
4.Complete all the Questionnaires to obtain your “Elite Creator Mastery Certificate” And your “Golden Tuber Award” with your name on them, which can be added to your CV.

Lesson Content
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